The champions of the ranking get prizes at the end of the year from our sponsor BJJ FIGHTGEAR.

So besides medals and prizes at the tournaments, you also add up points for the HBN Ranking to get more prizes.

We have three Opens a year:
Amsterdam Open BJJ & Grappling
Rotterdam Open BJJ & Grappling
Den Haag Open BJJ & Grappling

When medalling at the Opens you gain points for the year ranking.
Gold – 10 points
Silver – 7 points
Bronze – 4 points


Best Blue Belt 2017
Mojahed Naim – 20pt

Best White Belt 2017
Laszlo la Ferrera – 17pt

Best Beginner Grappler 2017
Yassin Nacro – 20pt

Best Advanced Grappler 2017
Blazej Wojcik – 27pt



Best Blue Belt 2016
Ozcan Diler – 24pt

Best White Belt 2016
Lars Langhorst – 24pt

Best Beginner Grappler 2016
Ales Pokorny – 17pt

Best Advanced Grappler 2016
Mike Laterveer – 17pt



Best Blue Belt 2015
Maxi Corsi – 24pt

Best White Belt 2015
Yannick de Meijere – 20 pt

Best Beginner Grappler 2015
Mike Laterveer & Damian Olszewski – 30pt

Best Advanced Grappler 2015
Eelco Schippers – 27pt