Holland Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Network “HBN” organizes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Grappling tournaments in Holland since 2006, with competitors from around the world.
We organize 3 main competitions a year, each in one of the 3 major cities in Holland;

Amsterdam Open BJJ & Grappling
Rotterdam Open BJJ & Grappling
Den Haag Open BJJ & Grappling

Medalling in these events will earn you points for the year ranking, which can make you champion of the year and win some nice gear. You can compete in both the BJJ as the Grappling tournament on the same day.
We work with a rebound system, which guarantees two fights minimum.

Rebound system:
At least 2 fights guaranteed.
Lost your first fight? You will go to the rebound bracket to fight for 3rd place!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments follow the IBJJF rules.
Weight categories for white and blue belts are: -64,-70,-76,-82.3,-88.3,-94.3,+94.3
Purple belts: -76kg, -88.3kg & +88.3kg
Brown/Black Open Class

Women: White -60kg & +60kg, Blue -60kg & +60kg and Purple Belt Open
Weigh-ins are with the gi/kimono on, so the weight of your gi is included.
You must be on weight for each category. Being overweight will result in a DQ and you will not be able to move to a higher weight category.
Fight time for White belts = 5 minutes
Fight time for Blue belts = 6 minutes
Fight time for Purple belts = 7 minutes
Fight time for Brown/Black belts = 8 minutes

Grappling tournaments follow the IBJJF point system, but without advantages.
At Grappling tournaments all locks and chokes (including knee reaping) are allowed for beginners and advanced, of course slams are not allowed.

Grappling tournaments are divided in 2 different levels:
Beginner: up to 2 years of training
Advanced: more than 2 years of training

Grappling weight categories:
Men: -67,-73,-79,-85,-91 & +91kg
Women: -58 and +58kg

Fight time for all Grappling categories = 5 minutes

How to sign up for a tournament?
In order to be able to register you need to make an account.
Then you can register by picking the tournament, weight and level you want to fight.
Registration fee for one category is 25 euros, for both BJJ and Grappling 40 euros.
After you make the online payment, your registration will be completed and your name will appear on the online competitor list.

3 days before the competition the final brackets along with the time schedule will be posted on our site. Changes in weight category can be until one day after the deadline. After this the final brackets will have been made and no changes can be done. So no more switching category. The check-up and weigh-in is 30 to 45 minutes before the start of your category. Once cleared, you will be taken to the warm-up area of your designated mat within the fight arena. You have to stay here until you have no fights left. Note that if you lose your first fight you still have another chance in the rebound bracket.

Can I get a refund? 
We only give refunds if there is no opponent for you after the deadline.
If you cancel before the deadline, we will give you a free pass to one of our upcoming events.
After the deadline, no refund or free pass possible.

What if I don’t make weight ?
If you do not make weight, you will be disqualified and no refund is possible.
It is also not possible to be transferred to a higher weight category.
Can I wear a rashguard underneath my gi?
In BJJ, men are not allowed to wear a rashguard or shirt. Also no cup or earguards. Women do fight with rashguard on.

Can I fight without a shirt in Grappling?

No, you need to wear a rashguard or shirt. Also no cup or earguards. Make sure your nails are cut.